Responsibly rebellious.

Call us rule breakers. Especially when the rules say, “Clients don’t need to know where the ad budget is going.” We flipped that paradigm with analysis, optimization, and transparency. And with content that makes your audience feel understood. Fostering trust, loyalty, and evangelism.

Our Value

Wherever you are in the marketing lifecycle, from mega-brands to sub-brands, from launches to line extensions, we’ll help you change the conversation, giving your brand a competitive edge. And giving you peace of mind. Because being responsibly rebellious in digital marketing means that we’re not just telling you we’re moving the needle. We’re showing you, too.

Where our story begins.

Digital Radar Marketing was born in the fall of 2017 in Dayton, Ohio and quickly expanded to Phoenix, Arizona in 2018.

We were once Fortune 100 leaders who grew increasingly frustrated by the experiences we had with different agencies. Many agencies craft a solution without having a clear understanding of the client’s objective leading to a disconnect in expectations vs results. The heartache from seeing so many agencies with a lack of integrity toward their clients lead us to realize we could do it better in a more quantifiable approach.

Call it luck. Call it serendipity. But we all found each other. A group of misfits that wanted to do right by our clients and genuinely connect with an audience. sign settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Our Leadership Team

Digital Radar’s leadership is comprised of great minds who have made significant contributions to redefining what it means to be a digital marketing agency. Collectively, the team brings a unique set of skills and qualified expertise to the Digital Radar organization.

PJ Zimmer

Chief Executive Officer


PJ has over a decade of marketing experience with a heavy emphasis in digital. His marketing career began at ACNielsen BASES, working in research and strategy. After graduate school, P.J. spent six years at Whirlpool, working in brand management and e-commerce and leading a $100 million portfolio of online sales. While at Whirlpool, P.J. was trained in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, strengthening his data and analytics skill set. P.J. has been a Global Director of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, leading a cross-functional team in the development of a corporate website and the implementation of five enterprise-level software systems. Most recently, PJ was the Vice President of Digital Strategy/Innovation Director for the NAVICOR Group where he championed digital strategy and technology functions for the company, pioneered tracking, and monitored analytics tools and processes. PJ earned a bachelors in accounting and marketing from Xavier University and an MBA in marketing and strategy from the University of Notre Dame.

Danielle Petty

Chief Operating Officer


Danielle has worked face-to-face with high end clientele and premiere businesses in marketing and sales for the last 10 years, and is skilled in web development and computer programming. While finishing her Bachelors Degree in Computer Science at Arizona State University, she has held several leadership positions within her career. Most recently, at Google in their Google Ads (AdWords) department. Danielle’s role at Google focused primarily on agency development and support. Scaling thousands of marketing agencies by a number of different means, such as trade shows, conventions, webinars, live events, sales and Google Ads (AdWords) trainings. During her first year at Google, she broke a record for the highest client sales of the quarter, working on campaigns that were spending upwards of $1 million a month. She was later elected to become a part of Google’s travel team, where she traveled across the U.S. conducting informational seminars with the agencies she supported.

Steven Neigut

Chief Marketing Officer


Steve is a successful entrepreneur with several start-up businesses, and has a background in web development, tactical marketing strategy, and cryptocurrency advisement. Most recently, Steve worked at Google within their Google Ads (AdWords) department. Steve’s role at Google as a senior account strategist had him working across thousands of different industries from
mom and pops, brick and mortar locations, to fortune 500 international businesses. The details of his work included building a cohesive creative marketing strategy, market research, quantitative analysis, regular account management, continuous data optimizations, and training + teaching CEOs and marketers how to use and be successful utilizing the platform Google Ads(AdWords) . As a tenured Google representative on the agency level, he worked his way up in the ranks by outperforming his peers consistently on a quarter over quarter basis and remained in the top 5 strategist in the western division for over a year.

Thomas Clark

Chief Creative Officer


A native New Yorker, Tom found his way into advertising after stints in stand-up comedy and teaching 6th grade English. He started out proofreading in a pharmaceutical ad agency, then moved to different shops in and around Manhattan, climbing up the creative department ladder until he become co-creative director and co-founder of Trio, a full-service Rx agency in the FCB Healthcare network. For more than a decade, Tom also helped bring new talent in the ad game, teaching his advertising philosophy of “Brand Intimacy” to college students at The Robert Busch School of Design at Kean University in Union, New Jersey. More recently, Tom teamed up with PJ Zimmer at Navicor in Columbus, Ohio, where they marketed oncology brands and helped people in the brave battle against malignancies. Tom loves brand building at Digital Radar almost as much as he loves his two daughters, Hannah and Ellie. Almost.

A few more cool kids…

Chancellor Barjona

VP of Business Development

Katie Goodwill

Content Marketing Strategist

Genoveve Muller

Graphic Designer

Tyler Cattey

General Marketing Specialist

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